What we have plus than other Hospitals

We aim at catering the Orthopaedic needs of the region through impeccable expertise, better treatment facilities and humanitarian services dedicated to Trauma.

Dedicated Trauma Surgery

Dr. Neeraj Joshi – The Experience Trauma Surgeon

In today’s era of jet speed with lack of time, restlessness, stress with good vehicles and roads, the incidences of road traffic accident are increasing sharply.
Domestic trauma due to restlessness is also increasing.
As the average age in our country and world is increasing the populations of elderly people with brittle bones are also increasing.
In this way any injury due to fall, accident or assault which leads to injury to the bone- joint- muscle or ligament is called TRAUMA.

Garg Orthopaedic Hospital is fully equipped & dedicated for the treatment of all kinds of minimal injuries to severely fractured bones & crushed limbs.


The Healing Power

In Orthopaedics, all the diseases and problems are not curable. Medicines have limited role. So, explaining the diseases and its nature to the patients and relatives and the full treatment and detail at first consultation is of prime importance. We spend enough time with patients in explaining the modifications and restrictions of activities, the role of physiotherapy and weight reduction and short-the only needed- duration of medication.