Trauma Centre

What is Trauma?

In today’s era of jet speed with lack of time, restlessness and stress with co-existing good vehicles and roads, the incidences of road traffic accident are increasing sharply.
Domestic trauma due to restlessness is also increasing.
As the average age in our country and world is increasing , the populations of elderly people with brittle bones are also increasing.
In this way any injury due to fall, accident, or assault which leads to injury to the bone- joint- muscle or ligament is called TRAUMA.

Who is Trauma Surgeon?

The orthopaedic surgeon who is treating patients of trauma only ( And does not waste his time , energy and ability in other sub-specialties of Orthopaedics ) since many years with thorough knowledge and rich experience in Trauma through constant study and updating his knowledge by recent advances in orthopaedic Trauma is a Trauma Surgeon. He also has to keep on updating  his infrastructure and hospital facilities according to recent advancements in the field of Trauma .

Associated Trauma-Poly Trauma Patients

Usually in 30% of Trauma patients there are associated Head, Chest, Abdomen, Vascular( Blood Vessels) or Nerve injuries. So to treat these patients efficiently  with these co-existing injuries (Poly Trauma Patients) we have associated Neuro Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, General Surgeon and Intencivist.

Dr. Neeraj Joshi- Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Neeraj Joshi is working with his 100 % dedication in Trauma since last 18 years by updating his knowledge and enriching his experience in Trauma by constant participation in Trauma related conferences and workshops. He is also updating his Garg Orthopaedic Hospital with latest technologies and equipment needed for the intensive treatment for Trauma patients. He is dedicatedly practicing only in Trauma without wasting his time and energy in other sub specialties in orthopaedics.