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Our Departments

Trauma Surgery

Trauma Surgery

Garg Orthopaedic Hospital is one of the most eminent trauma center in the Bhavnagar city which has associated Neuro surgeon, Vascular surgeon, Plastic surgeon, General surgeon and Intencivist to treat any type of poly trauma patients with multiple injuries. Dr. Neeraj Joshi is working dedicatedly in Trauma.


Pain is always an unwanted sensation which jeopardize the regular life. All kinds of pain (neck, back, joint and muscular pain) are treated and cured without any expensive treatment in best orthopaedic care in Bhavnagar.


Most of patients suffer from Arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, gouty arthritis). Our treatment with rich experience of Dr Neeraj Joshi has been able to explain the disease in detail and offer all the conservative remedies first and any operative procedure as a last compulsory option only.


70 out of 100 citizen in our country are suffering from OSTEOPOROSIS. We have mastered in osteoporosis with best team & expandable treatment with latest investigation and treatment available in city of Bhavnagar. Meet us for further guidance in osteoporosis from an expert in the field.
Garg Orthopaedic Hospital

Dr.Neeraj A Joshi

M.S. (Ortho.)
Consultant Orthopaedic ,Trauma & Joint Replacement Surgeon

During last 18 years, he enriched himself with intensive experience of treating complex and severe injuries, multiple fractures and intricate accidental injuries.

Attended 1 international, 15 national and 20 state level conferences and workshops to keep him abreast of latest research, equipment and methodology in orthopaedic surgery.

To cater the medical needs of Bhavnagar district and to offer his competence and knowledge to serve humanity at large, he is running Garg Orthopaedic Hospital and Trauma & Joint Replacement Center, since last 8 years.

We Preserve Biology of the BONE



We have perfect Trauma center  with best emergency care , availability 24/7 , technologies & perfect expertise with sound knowledge.


In orthopaedics, all the diseases are not curable. So counseling in terms of explaing  the disease , prevent it’s further progress and change in life style as well need of physiotherapy is the best treatment.


24×7 emergency treatment available with doctor’s IN HOSPITAL RESIDENCE for emergency treatment and continuous pre operative and post operative monitoring of critically injured patients and elderly unstable patients  .

Best in City Orthopaedic

Doctor’s residence within hospital for immediate treatment and monitoring. Rich experienced Trauma care at very affordable cost for all classes of society.

In house X-Ray, Laboratory collection, Pharmacy & Physiotherapy.

Quick Look at the Benefits

Qualified , Experienced doctors and staff
Police cases (MLC) also accepted
Free operation for RSBY card holders
24×7 emergency services
Proper explanation and guidance
Save your money and time with us
Affordable treatment to all
Garg Orthopaedic Hospital

We also serve at these places

Dr. C.K.Sutariya

Every Tuesday
At 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Dr. Naresh Jajal

Every Thursday
At 9:00 am to 10:00 am